What is Streakulator?

Streakulator is the ideal audio fx for Ableton Live to mangle any sounds source beyond recognition with ease, delivering outstandingly unique output: you can do sidechain, sound design, waveshaping, filtering, wobble and growl basses, synth sounds from literally any source, heavy metallic effects, robotic/futuristic sounds, perfectly synced gating, dramatically fast sound shifting with presets automation and it goes as far as your imagination can go.

Main Features

  • FX mode switcher (regular effect or midi-triggered)
  • StrangeLines new signature (custom-modeled) filters and resonance control
  • Perfect gating/triggering with adjustable cut from very narrow to very wide
  • Way-beyond-recognition sound design and shaping capabilities.
  • StrangeLines new signature hybrid delay-chorus effect with extreme feedback and polarity (StreakFX section)
  • Real-time custom StrangeLines neuro-style pitch shifting (Warp control)
  • Fully automatable and midi-controllable.
  • Clean, minimalistic, modular, dry/wet-responsive UI

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