What is KitschVerb

KitschVerb, evolved from GlitchVerb is a heavy/full-sounding reverb designed to produce large, boomy and technological sounds with ease and speed. The main control is a XY pad you can record to produce complex timbre+time automations.
KitschVerb is comprised of just 3 controls, but GlitchVerb’s peculiar algorithm is still here and it’s been greatly improved to provide an wider gradient of flavors, without the need to manually adjust the root frequency (now automatic).
GlitchVerb used to work great for heavy drums, KitschVerb is even better for any purpose. There are too many reverb plugins out there sounding all nice: KitschVerb is for those wanting to sound different, starting from reverbs.

Main Features

  • Easy and fast reverb changes
  • Wide timbre gradient with less controls thanks to StrangeLines signature algorithm
  • High flexibility with unique character and fullness
  • Clean, minimalistic, alive, dry/wet-responsive UI