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Everybody’s using the same synths and resampling techniques? Try something truly different: both novices and power users across the world are already loving Streakulator.



What is Streakulator

Streakulator is the ideal audio fx for Ableton Live to mangle any sounds source beyond recognition with ease, delivering outstandingly unique output: you can do sidechain, sound design, waveshaping, filtering, wobble and growl basses, synth sounds from literally any source, heavy metallic effects, robotic/futuristic sounds, perfectly synced gating, dramatically fast sound shifting with presets automation and it goes as far as your imagination can go.


Main Features

  • New signature audio blurring function.
  • PRE/POST filter: in PRE mode the chain starts with filter envelope (great for aggressive sounds), in POST mode the filter envelope wraps everything (clean shaped results)
  • FX mode switcher (regular effect or midi-triggered)
  • StrangeLines new signature (custom-modeled) filters and resonance control
  • Perfect gating/triggering with adjustable cut from very narrow to very wide
  • Way-beyond-recognition sound design and shaping capabilities.
  • StrangeLines new signature hybrid delay-chorus effect with extreme feedback and polarity (StreakFX section)
  • Real-time custom StrangeLines neuro-style pitch shifting (Warp control)
  • Fully automatable and midi-controllable.
  • Clean, minimalistic, modular, dry/wet-responsive UI