What is BSOD

BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death, remember?) is a stochastic sample freezing effect by StrangeLines.
What does it mean? Well, you could drop it onto a vocal track for a classy-chop effect, you could use it to turn any sound into a fresh organic pad, try it on a drum loop for example, but it’s also cool to use it as a gating effect and/or mixing it with the dry signal. in short BSOD makes you rhytmically freeze any sound source with extreme ease for whatever purpose you’re able to come up with.

Main Features

  • Perfect gating/triggering with adjustable cut from very narrow to very wide
  • Way-beyond-recognition sound design and shaping capabilities.
  • Automatable and midi-controllable.
  • Clean, minimalistic, alive, dry/wet-responsive UI