What is SynFX

This could easily be one of the most innovative and hard-to-describe audio effects. SynFX can be “mainly” be used to morph any sound way beyond recognition (in no-time, from the very first time): a drum loop into a rhythmic synth and vice versa, the simplest square wave into a space-bending riser, hats into ethereal pads, any voice into complex Serum-style aggressive leads, growls, or deep neuro basslines if you like (not that you can’t do the same starting from a kick or snare sound). Hard to believe, shockingly easy to use and able to produce top-notch results: SynFX is meant to show the world how powerful M4L audio effects can actually be.
The strange mind behind StrangeLines, Ernesto Cecco D’Ortona, being also a long-gone UX designer, really managed to design and develop SynFX as a masterpiece of workflow, fun and simplicity: it’s all up to your creative skills. Don’t let the size fool you: you’ll learn the power of this jaw-dropping tool by yourself. SynFX always delivers a genuine WOW factor to shock, surprise, delight and engage the listener and the user from day one, thanks to its distinctive sound (see the notable/unique features) and its unmatched flexibility.

We’re talking about a no-compromise audio effect by StrangeLines, outclassing most VST plugins in its category.
StrangeLines offers SynFX as a free upgrade to all the amazing customers who believed, purchased and had a great time and fun with Wob FX 3, regarded as a “swiss-army knife for Ableton Live”.


SynFX notable/unique features

  • Manually editable, autosaving, graphic filter envelope
  • Real-time custom StrangeLines neuro-style pitch shifting (Warp control)
  • StrangeLines new signature (custom-modeled) filters and resonance control
  • StrangeLines new signature hybrid delay-chorus effect with extreme feedback and polarity
  • Switchable Clean/Dirty routing modes
  • Clean, minimalistic, modular, dry/wet-responsive UI

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